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10 Minute Cardio Workout

When you're short on time but need a pick-me-up, try 10 minutes of cardio instead of reaching for more caffeine! It'll get your energy flowing, make you stronger, and burn upwards of 100 calories or more!

Here's one you can try!

Do each move for 45 Seconds and rest for 15 between:

1. Jog in place (a little warm-up to get you moving)

*Low Impact Option: March in place

2. Jumping Jacks

*Low Impact Option: Tap Jacks (tap feet out and in L/R while moving arms up and down in Jumping Jack form)

3. Standing Mountain Climbers (Starting to get more serious now!)

*Low Impact Option: Marching Mountain Climbers with no jump

4. Squat Jumps (Woohoo, getting crazy now!)

*Low Impact Option: Squat and rise to toes repeatedly instead of jumping

5. Frog Jumps (Taking those squat jumps to the next level!)

*Low Impact Option: Same as last one but go lower in your squat to reach for the floor and then reach overhead when you rise to your toes)

6. BURPEES!! (Did you expect them? Haha, YOU GOT THIS!!)

*Low Impact Option: Instead of jumping your feet back and in, just step them


7. Low Left/Right Kick Hops (Starting to back off and cool it down)

*Low Impact Option: kick with no hop/jump

8. Squat Hold with Fast Left/Right Punches (Really push through the punches and keep core tight!)

*Low Impact Option: None, this is super low impact already :)

9. Jump Ropes (No real jump rope needed, just pretend you have one)

*Low Impact Option: Knee bends to calf raises

10. March In Place with High Knees (Cool Down Move)

How do you feel now? We'd Love to hear!

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